Atelier sur la gestion des échouages de mammifères marins
                                      June 3rd, 2019

                                      Workshop on the management of marine mammal strandings
                                      June 3rd, 2019

                                      Secondary Barbiturate Toxicity in Bald Eagles and a Red-Tailed Hawk
                                      May 30th, 2019

                                      New Post-Doc at CWHC-BC
                                      May 28th, 2019

                                      Summer Students - Part 4
                                      May 22nd, 2019

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                                      NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE

                                      CWHC Atlantic and CWHC Québec have been heavily involved in the work being done to investigate the recent deaths of right whales in the North Atlantic.

                                      Click Here to download the report outlining the necropsy findings.

                                      BALEINE NOIRE DE L’ATLANTIQUE NORD

                                      Le RCSF de l’Atlantique et RCSF du Québec ont été grandement impliqués dans le travail pour examiner les mortalités récentes de baleines noires de l’Atlantique Nord.